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Creating and retrieving passwords for all your accounts has never been this easy and convenient!

Barebones solution for quickly prototyping with Red Epaper!

The Simplest Way To Start Playing With A Fascinating New Low-Power Screen!

Use native hardware Sega Genesis sound chips to play chiptune files!

A small gadget that reminds you to bring an umbrella!

What it says on the tin!

Use one of the golden standards of keyboarding on your modern system!

The Infinitely Mirrored Anachronism is an infinity mirror made with two custom-designed mirrors and 60 LEDs. The LEDs can light up in any of over ten million different colors at full brightness. Reading the Red, Green and Blue 'hands' as Hours, Minutes, and Seconds gives you the time!

The Chip Maestro is a specially designed NES cartridge with a MIDI Input. Simply put, it takes MIDI signals played by electric instruments and turns them into notes synthesized by your Nintendo!

A WiFi-based Weather Forecast Display and Clock, 21st Century Data Displayed Using 60's Era Displays!

The Sonik Unified Nes Design for Euphonic Rhythm Experiments was the precursor to the Chip Maestro. A completely standalone chiptune solution!

A Power Transformer-less Tube Amplifier Design That Fits In Your Bag!

How Many Nixie Tubes Can One Project Use?!

I Can't Grow a Third Arm, So I Made One!

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Welcome to my online build logs. All these projects are open-source and free to use for non-commercial purposes. Reach out to me at jarek-at-soniktech[dot]com if you have any questions!

They say great websites are built on the shoulders of giant libraries. Not here. At SonikTech we do all our coding from scratch. No hand holding. Banner font is 'Lato' from Google Fonts. Ad-free since Aught-3!